IT Services

End to End IT Services Design & Management

Network Savants believes in the best in breed solutions that meet YOUR technology and budgetary needs. We have vast experience with a myriad of products and technology that we have used and tested extensively, in many different environments. So we know what works well and what doesn't work. In many instances, solutions from a single vendor will not meet your technology requirements, and thus solutions from different vendors must be considered. We are experts in integrating those technologies, and making them work for you!

Our consulting and technical support services are available between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. PST Monday - Friday. Weekend and "after hours" support is available only by appointment at no extra charge.

For an appointment:

Call toll free 1-877-873-3553 or email:

"Emergency Response" for after hours or Sunday/Holiday calls may also be available at additional charge.

We Support Networks

Local Area Network (LAN) - Need to install a new LAN network in your organization? Looking to improve the performance of your existing LAN network? We can design new or assess your existing network topology, and get it up to the speed of your business.
Whether its for your home, small business, inter office, or that other building across the parking lot or down the road; wireless solutions offer ease of connectivity and flexibility with your data network.
Wide Area Networks & Virtual Private Networks (WANs & VPNs) - More and more companies are exchanging data between geographically diverse sites or working with remote/telecommuting workers. Whether it is between branches or partner firms from a ΒΌ mile or 3000 miles away, we have what it takes to make it happen. We have been working with, Fiber Optics, T1s, Broadband (DSL, Cable), Wireless and other transport mediums for 20 years and have more recently added Cloud technologies to ensure you have the best solution for your environment.
Perimeter Security Scans - know what form of attacks your firewall and network are vulnerable to from attacks from outside of your organization.
Cisco Systems can be found in the backbones and wiring closets of the majority of companies that utilize technology. From Routers to Switches, Firewalls & other security solutions, even your telephone can be Cisco now by using VOIP technology. We are experienced Cisco administrators and have been using and supporting their various product lines for over 15 years.
Dell has recently positioned the Sonicwall line as the SMB leader in price and performance. We have been Sonicwall partners for 7 years.
IT Process/ Best Business Practices Consulting: Developing your IT department policies, QoS agreements, Help Desk, User Contracts, IT & Network Audits, We do more than just solve your technology problems and keep your systems running smoothly. Our consultants have years of IT business experience behind them as well. Do you need help developing internal policies and practices within your IT departments? Do you need system audits to verify that your existing IT staff is appropriate for running your existing infrastructure? Does your IT department handle and track help desk incidents, to improve the efficiency of your support organization and more easily identify problematic systems? Do you have appropriate use policies, to assure that your business cannot be held liable for misappropriate use of technology by your employees? Do you have a technology recycling or disposal policy? We can work with you and your staff to determine and formalize the best policies and practices for your organization!

Devices, Workstations & Servers

Network Savants is Microsoft Systems Certified & a Microsoft Registered Partner. We can provide complete solutions based on active Windows technologies (Server2012/2008) and Windows 8.1/8/7. We also support legacy Windows technology and can help you plan your transition from Server 2003/2000 or Windows XP and other legacy systems.
As Solaris certified consultants we can provide solutions & support for your Solaris platform systems. Linux is low cost derivative from Unix, it has developed from the Open Source movement. Linux is replacing expensive Unix hardware, and expensive Microsoft licenses where basic utility computing is involved. Is Linux a viable alternative for your systems needs? Network Savants can help you make that assessment.
We support any Macintosh OSX and above you have in your network environment, we also can help with legacy OS9 systems.
Just need basic functionality for a segment of your enterprise or company? Need network Kiosks? Thin Clients or Workstation Virtualization is a great cost saver!
We can help backup, restore, install apps, setup email, setup printing and more on most iOS and Android devices. Ask us about our secure provisioning service, in the case a phone is lost or stolen we can wipe out your data so that it doesn't get into the wrong hands!
With our Vulnerability Assessment offerings you can take proactive steps to protect your internal systems by knowing what they are susceptible too, and locking them down (or assuring all the latest patches have been applied) etc. Our cloud based security service adds an extra layer of protection against Virus/Malware activity for all of your connected devices!