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How To Set up a Small Business Network
When designing your business network it is important not only to lay a foundation that meets your company’s immediate needs, but one that can grow with your business, too. Think about which devices you might want to add to your network down the line. Surveillance cameras, Vice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), and basic network expansion are points to consider when you are first getting started. Choose business-grade equipment that is designed to handle heavy traffic, reliability.

With mindful planning and an eye towards the future, you can build a business network that will provide both wired and wireless connectivity. And, as your business grows, you can build a shared network between multiple office locations.
About Business Routers and Switches
When building or upgrading a wireless network for your business, here are some points to consider: physical area, number of users, and the number of devices that need to be shared. The two essential pieces of equipment that you will need to set up your network are routers and switches.

A router connects all networked computers to the Internet via a single Internet connection. Routers can also tie multiple networks together. To ensure a robust network, you will need a router with good range and speed. If your office space is large, you may require two, or even three, routers wired together. A router helps send data packets to their proper destinations, protects your network from malware and security breaches, and helps prioritize bandwidth to designated computers.

Switches connect multiple devices to a network. This allows printers and servers to be shared by all the computers on the network. Switches are the vital links that tie an office network together. Switches are simple to set up. Just plug into an electrical outlet and connect Ethernet cables to your devices. Linksys switches are available in 5, 8, 16 and 24 port models.

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